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Ever Evolving Culinary Journey
The Opening Chef - Narukiyo

The Opening Chef - Narukiyo

Gold Bar at EDITION's food menu will be created each season by a locally renowned chef, highlighting the finest Japanese ingredients.

Chef Narukiyo, known for his celebrated downtown namesake, izakaya Narukiyo, serving homemade southern Japanese seasonal food, will be the first to curate the menu. Narukiyo is many people's favorite 'secret' izakaya, serving all the classics too, with a low-key attitude that bellies the excellence of the food. In addition, many Japanese and international celebrities frequent this little dining gem for its true local experience combined with fun vibes.


Seasonal Vegetable Sticks, Moromi Miso, Vegan Mayonnaise

Dip your fresh crudités into Narukiyo's favourite Moromi miso from Kagoshima and addictive Vegan Mayonnaise made of soy milk and apple cider vinegar, they will be gone before you even realize it.


Crispy Chicken, Tartar Sauce, Sudachi

Tottori's signature Daisen Chicken deep fried Japanese-style with soy flour and the classic ‘Kakinotane' rice crackers for the extra crunch, served with homemade tartar and a splash of fresh Sudachi.


Tasmanian Salmon Marinated in White Miso, Salmon Roe, Truffles

The finest Tasmanian salmon marinated in Japanese white Miso skewered and grilled to that perfect state of ‘just right', topped with pearls of red caviar ‘Ikura' and decadent truffle paste.


Spaghetti in Karasumi, Shiso, Edamame

Grated from the finest briny bottarga in abundance of umami from Hyogo, embellished with aromatic Japanese herbs, Shiso and Edamame. Even our spaghetti à la Narukiyo is all glammed up to twirl the night away!


Seasonal Vegetable Tempura, Algae Salt

Too skinny is not sexy! Only the freshest pick of vegetables are deep-fried to crispy perfection, sprinkled with a dash of Narukiyo-selected Okinawan algae salt, hmmm...match made in heaven.


Cutlet Sandwich with Wagyu Beef Tenderloin, Dengaku Miso Sauce

The most extravagant Wagyu Beef sandwich you could ever find in Japan. Original Katsu Sand in the rich homemade sauce made of sweet Dengaku Miso and Yuzu Kosho, a Japanese spicy citrus pepper to give it a little kick.


Gold Bar Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond and Lemon

Nutty praline of black sesame and almond with Japanese lemon filling, decadently covered in gold leaf. It is ‘Gold Bar' afterall!