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Two Faces Cocktails

Gold Bar at EDITION's "Two Faces" menu has been placed top 3 in the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award for The World’s 50 Best Bars 2023.

The cocktail menu is based on the concept of ‘Two Faces’. Led by Director of Bars Hideyuki Saito, and created by his team of bartenders, the menu includes an innovative list of 16 cocktails, each representing one of the seven “Two Faces” themes, the duality of things that abound in this world.

"There are always two sides to things: beauty and ugliness. Light and shadow. Strength and weakness. The essence of things can only be understood by looking at both sides. The duality of things that abound in this world is enchanted through the cocktails of the Gold Bar.”

The menu features a variety of innovative and exquisite cocktails that are revealed on the menu in a unique way. Be invited to experience the world of "Two Faces" at Gold Bar.


When Picasso was experiencing difficulties in his life as an artist, absinthe served partially as his saviour and inspiration.  The Psychedelic combines Picasso's favourite absinthe with peach and aloe, served as a martini-style cocktail.




Born out of his time spent in France, Picasso revolutionised the art world with the introduction of the Cubist style. The Revolutionist combines rum, calvados, vermouth with citrus and beets, served with a Cubist inspired garnish, and pays homage to him.



Tipsy Riceman

Asakusa was once known as the biggest entertainment district of Tokyo, and Doburoku, the ancient Japanese unfiltered sake, has always been a key to making people happy. The combination of Doburoku made in Asakusa, sauvignon blanc and pear will take you on a tipsy adventure through old Tokyo.



Golden Gai at 5 a.m.

Have you ever been in Golden Gai at 5am? If not, this take on a coffee shochu drink will transport you there. The smokiness of mezcal and sweetness of toasted coconut will bring an air of sophistication to this chaotic town.



Sweet & Rose

‘Honne' and ‘Tatemae' - your true feelings and your public face. Understanding the term and using these two sides wisely is crucial. This floral and sweet cocktail with rose water and almond caramel is what you need to retain a "Tatemae" face.



Curious Cacao Fizz

Cacao fruit produces two completely different flavours- sweet & bitter and fruity & sour. Curios Cacao Fizz takes fruity & sour and combine with gin and blue plum to give you a new cacao experience.



Price includes service charge and consumption tax.