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Once Upon a Future

Gold Bar at EDITION, located at The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovative menu “Once Upon a Future”, created in collaboration with the hotel’s Director of Bars, Hideyuki Saito. The new menu, consisting of 14 new cocktail creations, bridges the gap between past and future, highlighting the contrast between what has yet to come with what already exists passed through art, flavors and creative imagination.

Voted 56 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2023 and winner of The World’s 50 Best Bars 2023’s Best Cocktail Menu Award, Gold Bar at EDITION never fails to put imagination and playfulness at the forefront of its menus. Inspired by a map and featuring illustrations by Haruka Sasaki, the same talented artist behind the renowned Two Faces menu and a Shinjuku-based female tattoo artist, the new "Once Upon a Future" menu promises to be a visual and gustatory journey unlike any other.

Japan's history is littered with rich tales, highlighting the mesmerizing arts and traditions, which now deeply root themselves within the country's vibrant culture. In virtue of these stories and our daily lives, “Once Upon a Future” depicts what has yet to come in stark, fantastical contrast to history; a bizarre and vibrant future brought to life through striking art, refined flavors, and whimsical imagination. Each theme is carefully selected, inviting guests to explore the intersection of tradition and innovation, while traveling through time one sip at a time.

Cumin & Mango Nigiri

Different cultures serve sushi in different ways. A unique sushi cocktails made with spices and tropical fruits are smooth on the tongue and it's somehow addictive.


Mars Attack Paloma

Paloma, a classic tequila cocktail created by Martians who love pepper for some reason. It's tangy, addictively spicy, and aromatic with seed spices.


Unreal Midori Sawa

In the unreal disco delicious Midori Sour is made with fresh Japanese melon, with the difficulty imaginable, far different from the classic one. 



Recreation of the classic disco cocktail of yesteryear, the Cosmopolitan, the cocktail serves fruitiness and complexity with a touch of sexiness. We serve it with yuzu chocolate on the side.


Price includes service charge and consumption tax.