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Gold Bar at EDITION
Gold Bar at EDITION
Nestled next to the hotel entrance on the ground floor, Gold Bar at EDITION is a social playground that brings another dimension to Tokyo's bar scene. As an urban hideaway where guests can savour luxurious and exceptional moments, Gold Bar at EDITION presents a sophisticated evening cocktail bar.
Bar Concept
  • Modern Days of Golden Age
    Modern Days of Golden Age
    Gold Bar takes you back over a hundred years ago, when people learned to love mixed drinks. The most iconic cocktails date back to this era - The Martini, the Daiquiri, the Manhattan - Classics that we still enjoy to this day. It was during this period that bartending evolved, and complexity was explored in cocktail structures such as the Sour, the Fizz, the Julep, and even within Punch.  Gold Bar takes all these creations to contemporary, sophisticated levels, incorporating modern techniques and local Japanese flavors.

The dignified black tones of the space, inspired by Japanese "Yakisugi" - charred timber cladding - are contrasted and flamboyantly enhanced by the lavish gold decorations, including gold leaf art, lampshades, unique antiques and candles - all specially crafted for The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon.

Gold Bar at EDITION is equipped with comfortable sofas and atmospheric downlights to create an open yet private ambience.




From New York to Tokyo - Gold Bar is welcoming Tsune from Angel's Share for one-night-only on May 24th.
May 24, 2024     8:00PM - 10:30PM