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3/3 (Sun) 2:00PM - 6:00PM

The very first cocktail festival hosted by a hotel bar in Japan. 6 talented bartenders from the bars in 5 countries in Asia which attract global attention, including some of those ranked in Asia‘s 50 best bars. The bartenders will fly in only to attend this one-day event.

Asian bar culture and its creative cocktails are one of the most vibrant and drawing attention from the world today. Gold Bar invited 6 bartenders from bars in 5 countries that are among the hottest and ranked in Asia‘s 50 Best Bars. The event will offer a free-flow of 12 cocktails, 2 from each bar, including special cocktails that can only be tasted at this event, skillfully mixed with local flavors from each region.

Early bird ticket JPY 7,500 (Early bird discount ends February 23rd. Regular price is JPY 8,300)
*Price includes service charge and consumption tax. 
*Cocktail free-flow / All standing
*Limited number of cocktails prepared

*Advance payment is required.
*Please make your reservation here.
*In lieu of a ticket, please present your confirmation email.
*Marriott membership benefits and email discounts are not applicable.

Cancellation Policy
*100% cancellation fee will be charged 10 days prior to the event date.

6 Guest Bartenders

Cedric Mendoza from RECRAFT (PHILIPPINES)

Beginning his career at Manhattan Bar in Singapore in 2013, Cedric quickly made a name for himself through his passion and commitment to perfecting his craft. Within three years, Cedric's talent and hard work propelled him to the position of Head Bartender at Manhattan Bar. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in elevating the bar's reputation, helping it secure the coveted number 1 spot on Asia's 50 Best Bars list for two consecutive years. Additionally, under his leadership, Manhattan Bar achieved the remarkable feat of climbing to the number 3 position on The World's 50 Best Bars list in 2018. Cedric's accomplishments not only showcased his skill in mixology but also contributed significantly to putting Singapore's cocktail scene on the global map.

Duong(Liam) Quy Lam from HYBRID (VIETNAM)

Liam's journey in the hospitality industry spans over a decade, with experiences in Vietnam and Doha shaping his expertise and passion for mixology. In 2019, he took a significant leap by opening his own bar, Hybrid Nha Trang, where he showcased his innovative approach to cocktails. The recognition came swiftly as Hybrid Nha Trang was honored with the title of Best New Bar in Vietnam at the prestigious Vietnam Cocktail Festival's Bar Awards in January 2020. This accolade was followed by another milestone when the bar secured the 96th position in Asia's 50 Best Bars list later that year, cementing its status as a rising star in the region's cocktail scene. His cocktails stand out for their distinctive and creative flair, incorporating locally sourced seasonal ingredients and home-fermented elements, adding an authentic touch to his creations.

Satoshi Sugiura from EL LEQUIO (OKINAWA/JAPAN)

Satoshi's journey in the bar industry began at a remarkably young age, demonstrating his early passion and dedication to the craft. Joining SG Group in 2018 marked a significant step forward in his career, leading him to Shanghai where he played a pivotal role in the launch of "The Odd Couple" as the Bar Manager. Returning to Japan in 2022, Satoshi embarked on a new chapter by launching El Lequio in Okinawa. His vision and commitment paid off when the bar secured the notable achievement of being ranked No.80 on Asia's 50 Best Bars 2023 list, marking a historic first for Okinawa in the world of mixology. Satoshi's impressive track record extends beyond his bar management roles. With participation in nine cocktail competitions as a Japan Finalist and over 50 guest shifts and master classes, he has continually honed his skills, pushed boundaries, and shared his expertise with others in the industry.

Soko Son from SOKO BAR (KOREA)

Soko Son's influence in Seoul's bar scene is undeniable, with his establishment, Soko Bar, standing as a testament to his expertise and vision. At Soko Bar, impeccable service is a hallmark, complemented by custom-made cocktails crafted by knowledgeable bartenders well-versed in classic bar techniques. This dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the numerous accolades the bar has received over the years. In its inaugural year in 2017, Soko Bar made an impressive debut, clinching the No.5 spot in the prestigious Korea Best Bar Award. Since then, its reputation has only grown, earning a coveted place on Asia's 50 Best Bars list from 2021 onwards. Most recently, in 2023, Soko Bar was recognized as No.46 on this esteemed list, reaffirming its status as one of the region's premier destinations for cocktail aficionados. With his establishments leaving an mark on Seoul's bar scene, Soko Son continues to shape the future of mixology in South Korea and beyond.

Vu (Will) Ngoc from ENIGMA (VIETNAM)

Over the span of more than a decade, Will immersed himself in the world of craft cocktails, honing his skills and expertise. In 2022, Will took a significant leap by opening his own establishment, Enigma. Shortly after its launch, Enigma garnered widespread acclaim, earning numerous awards, including a prestigious 96th placement on Asia's 50 Best Bars 2023. Beyond his role as a bar owner, Will also serves as the Brand Ambassador for Beam Suntory Vietnam, showcasing his deep knowledge and passion for Japanese whiskey. His expertise in this domain further enhances his reputation as a distinguished figure in the world of spirits and mixology.


Santanu's illustrious career in the bar scene is marked by his profound knowledge, extensive experience, and unwavering passion for mixology. His talent has been recognised through numerous victories in mixology competitions on a global scale. As the driving force behind HOME Delhi, Santanu has played a pivotal role in elevating the restaurant to prominence within the Asian bar scene. Under his guidance, HOME Delhi achieved an impressive 30th place in Asia's 50 Best Bars 2022, solidifying its reputation as one of the region's top cocktail destinations. For Santanu, a cocktail transcends mere ingredients; it is an expression of artistry, taste, presentation, and storytelling. His philosophy underscores the multifaceted nature of mixology, emphasising the importance of creativity and craftsmanship in crafting memorable cocktail experiences.